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Guy’s passion is his love for storytelling and entertaining through print and film.  While growing up in Chicago, Illinois, and Wisconsin, drawing and creating music became favorite pastimes.  After a year of college, he moved to Southern California and attended CalArts as a student in the Disney animation program.  


“I always loved to draw and paint, but wanted to learn the necessary structure and discipline to someday have a career in animation, television and film.  CalArts was the perfect place.  While there, it was under the tutelage of design instructor, Bill Moore, that enlightened me the most about the concept of visual communication.”


Two years into the program, Guy was hired into Walt Disney’s Feature Animation where he worked on the The Great Mouse Detective, The Black Cauldron and The Fox and The Hound as an art director and layout artist. 


“Art communicates on many levels. It inspires, evokes emotion and stimulates our senses.  It can be visually pleasing; it can also sound good, feel good, taste good and even smell good!


“It was intimidating and exciting to be part of a celebrated artistic community and legacy--meeting and working with very talented artists and visionaries who to this day continue to inspire and motivate me.


“While always striving to improve, I have come to know my assets and limitations.  My daily mantra is to say the most with the least.  And to create with imagination and fun--then check by principle.  Keeping my art simple, yet still communicative to an audience, is sometimes the hardest thing to do.  A simple line, shape and/or brush stroke can say more than complexity and detail.”  


“I utilize whatever medium best communicates a feeling, a thought or a story--from acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints to digital, paper, sculpture, clay, pen and ink, pencil, charcoal and various animation techniques like stop-motion and puppetry.”


While still at Disney, Guy worked for a period creating and designing shows, rides and events for Walt Disney Imagineering.  There he helped design attractions such as Critter Country for Tokyo Disneyland, Splash Mountain for Disneyland, Typhoon Lagoon for Walt Disney World in Florida and Pirates of the Caribbean for Euro Disneyland in



He left Disney to pursue an independent career as an an animation director, creator and developer of movies and television.  He has directed, developed, designed and written for Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., Universal, and Disney.  He is the creator of National Geographic’s first animated series, “IGGY ARBUCKLE” and also the Gemini nominated “MOVILLE MYSTERIES.”  


A noted cartoonist and illustrator as well, his animation career and projects have had him traveling the globe and have kept him in demand.  His directing debut, “GROWING UP CREEPIE,” and “GERONIMO STILTON” have been popular successes and award recipients throughout the world.  


Guy also pursued his love for children’s books.  He authored and illustrated his first picture book, “The 13 Nights of Halloween,” which debuted in the fall of 2011 by the  publisher, HarperCollins, to favorable reviews.  He continues to write and create books. 


“The challenge to telling a story with both text and pictures is exciting.  The perfect marriage can be a moving experience:  the sound of a word, the colors to indicate mood, the rhythm throughout, the texture of fabric.


“I approach each painting as a new beginning.  The plain, white working area is freeing and intoxicating.  My paintings always begin with an initial vision, a thought, a feeling.  I explore a myriad of sketches and compositions.  Then I explore lighting, mood and  atmosphere until they start to communicate back to me.  My goal is to tell a visual story from my point of view.”



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